“At each step an enraptured look, at each moment the splendor of all ages, a space of magic and wonder, where beauty and human nobility is celebrated.”

Hacienda San Juan Opichén is a destination of wonders. We are the first Hacienda – Hotel y Galería – of Yucatán. A magical place where you can live the best and most special moments of your life.

The name (Opichén) means in Mayan “well where are the annonas”, because it comes from the words Opi that means annona and chen that means well.

La Hacienda Opichen whose original name was Hacienda San Juan Bautista Opichén. This functioned as a henequen plantation with an approximate area of ​​887-80-00 Hectares, The earliest known date of the hacienda is by means of a stone plaque with the inscription that mentions the date May 1773 and that contains the legend Regidor Bolio is probably the date of completion of the construction of the hacienda. Currently (2004) this plaque is located in the community park.

At the moment the San Juan Opichén hacienda recovers its brilliance thanks to the restoration of Mr. Gabriel Arturo Arceo Núñez, which took 6 years and is waiting to be part of your history.

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